How do I get my towed vehicle released?

For vehicles authorized to be released, an "Authorization for Release Slip" must be obtained from Records during normal business hours. To obtain the "Authorization for Release Slip" you must provide the following documents: •Valid Ownership Papers (Title &/or Registration) •Valid Insurance Card •Valid Personal Photo ID. The vehicle will only be released to the registered or titled owner, unless written notarized authorization from the owner is produced. An owner obtaining a release slip where the vehicle is stored at the PD impound may pick it up 24 hours a day. The minimum tow fee is $160.00 and is subject to additional charges. The storage fee of $40.00 per day starts after the vehicle is approved for release. Payment must be made in the form of cash (exact amount). You may call Records at 784-5125 to find out the amount due. An owner obtaining a release slip where the vehicle is stored at Sutherland Service, Harding's Towing or Twelve Corners Towing must contact the appropriate vendor for release information and storage fees. Their phone numbers are: Sutherland - (585) 381-5610; Harding's - (585) 424-3200; and Twelve Corners - (585) 473-5000.

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