2022 Road Maintenance Program

The Town Highway Department will begin its road maintenance program in the coming weeks, weather permitting.  The roadways to be repaired are listed in the table below.

Chip sealing is one of several methods used to maintain Town roads. The Town does not use chip seal as an alternative to an asphalt overlay; rather, it is preventative maintenance to prolong the life of roadways.  Chip Sealing is the spray application of an asphalt emulsion followed immediately by spreading and rolling a layer of stone chips. Chip Sealing produces an all-weather surface that improves skid resistance and seals the pavement surface. Any loose stone chips will be swept up one to two weeks after the initial application.

An interactive map of road maintenance locations is provided below.


Antlers Dr.
Elmwood Ave.
Sylvan Rd.
Cloverland Dr.
N. Landing Rd. Clover St.
Grosvenor Rd.
Highland Ave
Lac De Ville Blvd
Elmwood Ave
Westfall Rd
Laconia Pk
Willowdale Dr
Elmore Rd
Mayflower Dr
Tarrytown Rd
City Line
Maywood Dr
Willowcrest Dr Willowcrest Dr
Orchard Dr
Monroe Ave. Dead End
Park Circle
Crittenden Rd
Dead End
Penhurst Rd
N Landing Rd
Clover St
Susquehanna Rd
Brooklawn Dr
Monroe Ave
Troy Rd
Brooklawn Dr
Roosevelt Rd
Warrington Dr
S Winton Rd
Oakdale Dr
Wilmot Rd
Brooklawn Dr
Roosevelt Rd
Woodmont Dr
Ashley Dr
Fairfield Dr


Bronx Dr
E. River Rd.
Dead End
Old Mill Rd
Clover St
Dead End
Wyatt & Gordon Heights
Blossom Rd
Dead End
Fernboro Dr
Winton Rd
Branford Rd
Carverdale Dr
Edgewood Ave
Glenhill Dr
Danbury Circle E & W
Winton Rd
Winton Rd
Dartford Rd
Edgewood Ave Danforth Cres