Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the project being built?

Brighton Farmers Market has held a winter market every year since the market’s founding in 2008, with various locations and schedules. The winter market is an important project that allows farmers and producers to earn revenue during the slow winter months, and community members to have access to local foods year-round. For the last several years, the market has been located in the gym at the Brookside Recreation Center. It is a challenging space and location. The space is too small and cramped, offers no room for growth, and market scheduling is limited. There are complaints from customers and vendors about the space, and also uncertainties about the future of the Brookside building itself. 

How will it benefit the market?

A purpose-built and renovated space will potentially allow the market to expand, bringing in additional vendors and options. There will be more space for vendors and for customers who currently have difficulty navigating the current space. Also, the market will be able to move from Sunday afternoons to Sunday mornings,  offering more continuity with the summer market. Although we receive many complaints that Sunday afternoon is not a great time for a market (nap time, football, etc.), current scheduling conflicts at Brookside prevent the market from opening in the morning.

Why the Westfall Road Location? 

It will put to good use Town-owned land that has a farming tradition. The market would honor the agricultural heritage of the property and the Town, while also creating a community gathering place.

How is the project being funded?

The project has received a $250,000 grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and $1,650,000 in grant funds from the DASNY – State and Municipal Facilities Program. The Town will continue to seek and apply for additional grant funds as they become available for future phases of the project.  

Why were revisions made to the plans?

Revisions to the concept plan are proposed to improve access to the site and the constructability of the proposed improvements. 

What are the proposed revisions to the plans?

The proposed plan revisions include:

a. The access driveway will be aligned with Avalon Drive to create a safer intersection for both vehicles and pedestrians.

b. Pedestrian crosswalks will be added where the trailhead of the Brickyard Trail meets Westfall Road, and on Westfall Road east of Avalon Drive, pending review and approval by the Monroe County Department of Transportation

c. Extending the Buckland Park trail system to the proposed pedestrian crosswalk at the Brickyard Trail and to the Winter Farmers Market.   

Are there plans to move the Summer Farmers Market to Buckland Park?

The proposed plans are only for the Winters Farmers Market. There are no plans to move the Summer Farmers Market to Buckland Park.  The summer market will continue at BHS for the foreseeable future.  No decision to move the summer market would be made without a community conversation.

What are the proposed plans for the recently purchased +/- 26 acres of parkland?  

There are currently no plans for the recently purchased parkland.  Future use of the new parkland will be determined only after community involvement and input. 

When will the buildings be demolished?

The buildings will be demolished during Phase II site improvements. 

When will the project be completed?

We hope it will be ready for the 2021-22 winter market season.