Permits, Records and Information


Permits can be obtained during normal business hours. This permit is ONLY for work being done to any sewer system outside of the structure.
You must bring with you:
  • Completed Sewer Permit Form (PDF)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Sketch of proposed work
  • See fee chart here. Fees will vary depending on the scope of work and number of inspections required, call for quote.
  • Check or Credit card
Permits must be approved prior to starting the work or the fee will be doubled.
All pipes and connections must be inspected prior to back filling the trench.
Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Emergency Repairs

Repairs done on the weekends or at night must still be inspected by calling the emergency number and permit must be obtained the following business day.


Records are kept for all permitted connections and repairs. Almost all properties have either a written description or a basic map of the sewer connections. Please call or email if you would like a copy, they can be faxed, emailed, or picked up during normal business hours. Sanitary sewer main and manhole mapping is currently being updated with the latest GPS technology. This will provide accurate locations, elevations and depths for all of our assets.

General Information

What To Flush
New "flush-able" products can cause major problems with the aging sewer lines. Your private sewer, our mains and pumps can easily get clogged with these items causing major backups in your basement.
Pharmaceuticals are a growing problem in waste water and ultimately in your drinking water, please dispose of any unused drugs at a drug recycling facility or in with your garbage, not down the drain.

Flooding and Heavy Rains

During heavy rain and flooding events the sanitary sewer can become surcharged and flood basements or over flow manholes. This is due to leaks in pipe joints, cross connections, and illegal sump pump connections. During these events you can help by reducing the amount of water that you use in the house, postpone doing laundry, dishes, etc. We are aggressively looking for these problems using the latest sewer cameras, flow meters, night time inspections, and computer software to bring it all together. You can help by checking to be sure that your sump pump is connected to the storm sewer or discharging to the yard. It is a violation to have it connected to the sanitary sewer, if you are not sure, please call and we will come determine where it discharges. If it is determined to be connected to the sanitary you will be responsible to have the discharged changed.

Drainage and Downspouts

If you have questions about your drainage system please call for advice and see the links below.

Lawn Care
Lawn care after a utility made repairs in your yard.
See Informational Flier