Assessor's Office

The 2023 Final Assessment Roll may be viewed here:

2023 Final Roll

The Assessor's Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office is occasionally closed  between 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm for lunch. Please call (585) 784-5215 if you have any questions or wish to set up an appointment to speak to the assessor.

About the Assessor

The Town Assessor is appointed by the Town Board for a term of six years. The Assessor’s duties are specified in New York State Real Property Tax Law and generally focus on the maintenance of up-to-date inventory records used for the valuation of real property within the Town of Brighton. The Assessor prepares an annual assessment roll, which is used to distribute the tax liability due from each parcel.

 Online Property and Assessment Information

The Monroe County website offers assessments, current sales information, property inventory and maps. Information is available for both residential and commercial properties using the Monroe County Real Property Portal.

Parcel Inventory Verification

We are continually updating the Property Inventory through building permits, sales data and interior/exterior inspections. Equitable assessments require proper data. If you have a change in inventory or notice that the inventory we have on file is incorrect, please notify our office so that we can revise our records. 

2023 Assessment Roll Level of Assessment
The 2023 Assessment Roll Level of Assessment is 70%. 

Senior Citizen Exemption Application
Due to recent changes in NYS income limits, you may be eligible for an additional Senior Citizen Exemption.  If you are over 65 and not already enrolled, check your 2022 Income tax returns. If your total income is below $58,400 click on the link below for the application and instructions on how to apply.  The deadline for submittal is MARCH 1, 2024.

2024 Senior Citizen Exemption Form can be viewed here: 2024 Senior Exemption Form

Please contact the Assessor's Office at 585-784-5215 if you wish to discuss this notice.