2018 Standard Work Day Reporting Resolution

Since elected and appointed officials do not usually work a fixed schedule or have pre-set work hours, they must keep a record of their work-related activities so you can accurately determine the number of days worked to report.
Effective August 12, 2009, each elected or appointed official must prepare a record of work-related activities (log) for three consecutive months within 150 days of the start of a new term or appointment if:

  • They are members of the Retirement System, and
  • Do not use your time keeping system that shows hours worked. (This includes systems that keep track of accruals and attest that, other than time charged to accruals, full hours were worked.)

The log must contain a daily detail of hours worked and duties performed that are directly related to the elected or appointed position, including official duties performed outside normal business hours. Activities can include attending an employer-sponsored event, addressing constituent concerns and responding to an emergency. Activities that would not be considered work-related include time attending electoral and campaign events, time spent socializing after town board meetings, attendance at a candidates forum and on call time.

Full details of this program are available at the Office of the New York State Comptroller website.

The resolution must be adopted at the first regular meeting held after the first 180 days of taking office, or whenever a new elected or appointed office is established. The resolution must be posted on your public website for at least 30 days or, if a website isn’t available to the public, on the official sign-board or at the main entrance to the clerk’s office.

The Brighton Town Board unanimously approved the Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution on July 11, 2018.

This notice is required to be posted for 30 days (expiring August 10, 2018).