Solicitors Permits

     Please complete the complaint form below if a solicitor shows up at your home. As much detail as possible is beneficial, particularly the name of the company, so that we can contact the company to let them know they are violating Town Code.

     (Note - non-profit and political groups are exempt from our code. As such, we cannot prevent them from being out, but do absolutely expect to conduct themselves in a respectful manner)  

[The following list of solicitors should not be construed as an endorsement of any products or organizations, nor proof of compliance with any provision of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law or other statutory requirements]

2023 Solicitors Permits

[Click on the name of the permit holder to see their photo]

Non-Profit Solicitors - Town Code exempts these solicitors from having to apply for a permit, but we do ask that they identify themselves before they begin going door to door.   The following organizations/individuals have done so:

    • Ian Adler
    • Sean Andreotta
    • Cassie Wisniweski
    • Benjamin Friedberg
    • Alka Ghimirey
    • Robin Schultz