Solicitors Permits

Peddler / Solicitor Permit Application

Brighton Town Code - Chapter 121 - Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 121-4 Exemptions - Please note that 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations must have a local chapter to qualify

[The following list of solicitors should not be construed as an endorsement of any products or organizations, nor proof of compliance with any provision of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law or other statutory requirements]

2018 Solicitors Permits

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Southwestern Advantage:

Edward Jones:


Erie Construction:


Rochester School of Guitar:

Citizens Campaign for the Environment  

NOTE: CCE is exempt from our full application process, but has informed the Town that the following individuals will be canvassing on their behalf

  • Hannah Betters
  • Sarah Charles
  • Lydia Dewing
  • Madeline Kelsey
  • Gilliam Lightenfield
  • Samantha McCormick
  • Zachery Morgan
  • Allison Mullan-Stout