Solicitors Permits

[The following list of solicitors should not be construed as an endorsement of any products or organizations, nor proof of compliance with any provision of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law or other statutory requirements]

2019 Solicitors Permits

[Click on the name of the permit holder to see their photo]

Coulter Painting
CJ Coulter

Edward Jones
Charles Pettit

Fox Pest Control
Jacob Hopkins
Tyler Irish
Joshua King
NIcholas Molinari
Matthew Willard
Hunter Woodbury

Grandpa & Grandson Lawn Services
Enrique Bonilla
Nehemiah Henderson
Willie Thomas
Christopher Wright

Level Up Painting
Dorothy Ray

Renewal by Andersen

Isaiah Reyes
Rob Damiano
Joseph Gentile

Rochester School of Guitar
Adam McKay

Pedro Cruz Leo
Russell Dean
Ian Hayes
Gustavo Lozano Sanchez
Liam McDannel
Erick Rosas
Malick Seye
Jeffrey Scott
Frederick Taylor
Sam Vicari

Non-Profit Solicitors - Town Code exempts these solicitors from having to apply for a permit, but we do ask that they identify themselves before they begin going door to door.   The following organizations/individuals have done so:

Citizens Campaign for the Environment

Lydia Dewing
Zachery Morgan
Alison Mullan-Stout
Laura Nebuchadnezzar
Lydia Stewart