Brighton Cable TV Channels 1303 & 1301 (Previously Channels 12 & 15)

Providing Public, Education and Government Cable Television Communications

Effective March 19, 2018 The Town of Brighton's current CHANNEL 12 which airs our Town Board Meetings and Brighton Central School District Meetings will be changed to CHANNEL 1303 

Current CHANNEL 15 which is our free Public Access programming channel will be changed to CHANNEL 1301

NEWSFLASH:  Charter-Spectrum (Time Warner) Cable converting to 100% Digital Channels

If you are a Charter-Spectrum subscribing customer, soon you will receive notice of their intent to convert to 100% digital channel broadcasting. In order to continue viewing our Town's Cable Channels 12 and 15 and currently you do not have a digital television, you will need to call them at 1-855-479-6984 or visit their order page at their website to request a Spectrum Digital Receiver.

Charter-Spectrum no longer offers digital adapters, therefore you will need a Spectrum Receiver to receive digital channels should you not have a digital television. You do NOT need a Spectrum Receiver if your cable line is plugged into a retail CableCARD device or Roku device.



Should any issue/s occur at any time during a live Town Board Meeting broadcast, please contact TimeWarner/Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-225-7898 or you can reach a Town Representative, during the Open Forum portion of the Town Board Meeting and during a Public Hearing, at 585-303-3060.  Note:  The Town Hall switchboard converts to an automatic night line messaging system at 5:00 p.m.

For questions regarding Brighton Cable Channels 1303 or 1301 programming please contact:
Electronic Field Productions
(585) 784-5239

Program Listings

Program listings are displayed between programs throughout the day on channels 1303 and 1301. The Town of Brighton program guide for Channels 1303 and 1301 is available here.

Channel 1303 is shared between the Town of Brighton and the Brighton Central School District. The School District generally provides program in daytime hours on school days, and program listings are available on the School District Website.

Re-airing of the Brighton Town Board meetings start on the Thursday after each live broadcast with 2 back-to-back airings starting at 7 p.m., 7 days a week until the next live broadcast on Channel 12 only.

Streaming Video

Programs are streamed in real time from the Brighton Cable TV studios. All Town Board meetings that are broadcast on cable channel 1303 will be streamed live to our internet Website. Selected programs from channels 1303 and 1301 will be streamed at other times.
Access following link to view Live Streaming Video.

Videos on Demand

Please visit our Brighton YouTube page here for our complete video library.

Program Submission

Brighton Cable Channel is a public access station. Brighton residents may submit programs for playback on Channel 1301 by downloading and completing the Program Submission Form.