Prior to challenging your assessment….

Please Do Your Homework Before Completing Your Application

Your assessment should be the market value of your property.
Market value is typically what your home would sell for.
You may discover that your assessment is within an acceptable range of your market value.

Review Real Estate Listings and Recent Sales

Select Properties with similar or the same:
Style Ranch (single story), Colonial (2 Story), Cape Cod, etc
Size Square footage of Living Area
Age Year Built
Amenities or Improvements Garages, decks, basements, inground pools, fireplaces, etc.
Neighborhoods Close proximity to your home
School District Brighton, Penfield, Pittsford, Rush-Henrietta, Wheatland-Chili

Properties which do not meet these criteria should not be chosen.

Selected properties should be recent sales or listings. (Generally less than 3 years old.)
Market value is based on homes that have sold. Sales information is available through the Monroe County Website and in the Assessor's Office at Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618

Additional Support Material

  • Current Professional Appraisal
  • Current Comparative Market Analysis by a real estate professional

To Challenge Your Assessment

Complete the Grievance Application RP524 and submit it to the Assessor's office beginning May 1st.

Complainants who want to meet with the Assessor may submit a supported application within the first two weeks of May. The assessor will make every effort to sit down with you to discuss the Assessment.

During your meeting, you will have the opportunity to summarize information on your property, provide information we may not have and show recent sales data. Time is limited for each individual, so we ask that you please be prepared and be as brief as possible.

If you still disagree with the Assessor’s determination of market value, you may schedule an appointment to appear before the Board of Assessment Review.

The Board of Assessment Review meets the 4th Tuesday in May.

The Final Day to file a Formal challenge in the Town of Brighton is the fourth Tuesday of May each year.