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I-590 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bypass Feasibility Study (2009)
The I-590 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bypass Feasibility Study is part of the 2007-2008 Priority Trails Advancement (PTA) Program administered by the Genesee Transportation Council (GTC).  The project has been funded with federal transportation planning funds as well as a local match.  In its 2000 Comprehensive Plan, the Town of Brighton identified a concept for a trail connecting the town hall complex on Elmwood Avenue to the Erie Canal at Meridian Centre Park.  As part of the Open Space and Recreation Plan, the trail idea was broken into four smaller segments, with each identified as a viable facility independent of the other segments, should any of them not be built.  This Feasibility Study explores the viability of the whole corridor of the I-590 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bypass Trail (hereafter the "I-590 Bypass Trail"), with consideration given to location alternatives and phasing strategies. (from the study Introduction/Overview section)

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I-590 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bypass Feasibility Study