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Fire Marshal
          Welcome to the Office of the Fire Marshal 
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The Office of the Fire Marshal is committed to providing the best public service 
possible in order to improve public safety and protect the lives and property of every citizen and visitor to the Town of Brighton.


The development of sound fire prevention practices through professional fire and life safety plan review services, coupled together with our education and inspection program continues to ensure the delivery of an unmatched level of professionalism and guidance to our community

meet our Staff & Office Hours 

 Chief Fire Marshal   Deputy Fire Marshal      Deputy Fire Marshal  Office Hours

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 Christopher Roth  Richard Tracy   Jared Guhl   Monday - Friday
    Direct (585) 784-5220
    Fax    (585) 784-5207

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      Direct (585) 784-5359 
      Fax    (585) 784-5207
Direct (585) 784-5214
Fax    (585) 784-5207
2300 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, New York 14618

 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Holds responsibility for the fire prevention division; enforces the provisions of the Fire Prevention code and the laws and regulations of Town of Brighton pertaining to fire prevention and fire protection.

Has responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

Has responsibility for the inspection of all buildings and premises, with the exception of residential dwelling units, accordance with the provisions of the Town of Brighton Fire Prevention Code.

Reviews plans for new construction and installation of fire protection equipment to assure fire and life safety regulations are met.

Investigates complaints received by the Fire Prevention Division; establishes and maintains comprehensive records of all business transacted such as complaints, inspections, investigations, notices served and permits written.

Confers with, answers questions for and provides direction to property owners, contractors, engineers, architects and others regarding fire protection requirements.

Assists with investigation of all fires involving injury or substantial loss of property.

The Chief Fire Marshal also serves as the Emergency Disaster Coordinator, Employee Safety & Loss Prevention Coordinator and Secretary to the Public Safety Committee.




spring cleaning.pngWith the arrival of the spring season, many of us will be doing some cleaning around the house.  Often times we spend so much time scrubbing, dusting and doing yard work that we overlook some simple things that could make our home a little safer. 

Let’s start with our smoke alarms, just a few weeks ago when we changed our clocks we reminded everyone to replace their smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries. If you have not done this yet, then this is a great place to begin

ar135201170771946.JPGAlarms that are powered by batteries or that have a battery back-up need to have their batteries replaced 
yearly.  These alarms also should be cleaned using a vacuum to remove any dust or cobwebs that has accumulated inside. Removing the build-up of debris in the detector will reduce the chance of false alarms and may increase the effectiveness of the sensor.
Furnance Clearance.jpeg

Many home fires begin in utility and laundry rooms, a few minutes spent cleaning in these areas can greatly reduce this threat. Make sure furnaces and water heaters have at least a 3-foot clearance from any combustibles materials. If your furnace has a filter, this is also a good time to change it.

Vaccuum Dryer lint.jpegClothes dr
yers are responsible for over 15000 fires annually, an easy way to prevent a dryer fire is to clean your dryer and vent. Start by unplugging the dryer and pulling the unit away from the wall. Be careful during this step as many dryers can only move a short distance due to the gas line connection.  Once you have enough room, remove the large vent hose that leads to the outside. Use a vacuum to remove any lint buildup from inside the vent hose, inside the back of the dryer, and under the dryer. After the vent hose is reconnected move the unit back into place, so you can also vacuum out the lint trap and filter.

Don’t forget to check outside where the vent exits the home; make sure it is clear of lint or bird nests. Before you put that vacuum away it is also a good idea to clean out bathroom ventilation fans.  Remove the cover access the fan. Remove dust and debris with the vacuum then inspect the fan motor and electrical connections if you notice any rust or corrosion have the unit checked by a licensed electrician. 

Follow this up with 
a good general cleaning of the rest of the house. Reduce clutter by getting rid of unwanted items and old household chemicals, by doing this you are removing fuel from a fire. If a fire does occur the less items fire has to burn the slower it will spread, this will give the fire department a better chance of limiting the amount of damage.

By now most of you are probably thinking this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really not. Before you know it you will be relaxing on the couch, watching a little baseball and you will have the peace of mind knowing your home is a safer place.    




On the left hand side of webpage are the products ------  Click on a product  -----  Add product to cart

If it asks for zip code, use 14610 or 14618, click on Brighton Fire District.  
If it asks for zip code use 14623, click on West Brighton Protection Fire District.

No paperwork necessary anymore 
Call once you receive and install your product, we will come out to lock it up.

important product recalls 

Honeywell Pull.jpg  

Nest Halts Sales Of Smoke Detector, Disables 'Wave' Feature

Your Nest smoke detector could have a dangerous glitch, so just months after Google purchased the smart home technology company, Nest is stopping sales of its gesture-controlled smoke alarm. 

  More details can be found at  http://support.nest.com/article/Nest-Protect-Safety.

Dyson Recalls Bladeless Portable Electric Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

Just a couple days after the launch of its new and improved bladeless fans, Dyson has issued a recall for two of its older AirMultiplier heaters (AM04 and AM05). The recall comes after a few of these units short-circuited, causing small, “contained” fires. 

”Although there have been no instances of personal injury or damage to property, it’s four too many. So we are working with the relevant regulatory bodies and preparing for a voluntary recall.”

The company has already begun the recall process abroad, in places like Israel and the United Arab Emirates. However, it hasn’t yet gotten the formal go-ahead for a recall in the US. However, in spite of this, Dyson is being proactive about the situation and has already set up a site for you to get the ball rolling.

If you’re the owner of an AM04 or AM05 Air Multiplier, the company recommends you visit the website 
 for instructions on how to proceed.

Lithonia Lighting Recalls Emergency Lights Due to Fire Hazard

Recall date: MAY 28, 2014
EML_LARGE.jpgThis recall involves the Quantum® series ELM and ELM2 emergency light fixtures. They are about 12.5-inches wide, 5-inches high and 3.75-inches deep in white or black plastic and have two incandescent lights and a rechargeable lead acid battery. ELM or ELM2 appears on the label inside the fixture’s plastic housing above the battery. The recalled units have circuit boards that are green on both sides and either Rev B or Rev C printed in the top left corner.

Emergency lights with circuit boards that are beige on one side and ELM2 LED, ELM2 SD and ELM2 WRS fixtures are not included in the recall.

Sold at 
Electrical distributors, The Home Depot, W.W. Grainger, Inc. stores and other retailers nationwide and online at grainger.com;and amazon.com from March 2010 through February 2014 for between $35 and $55.

Consumers should contact Lithonia Lighting to receive detailed instructions on how to locate the circuit board and series name and to order a free repair kit, which includes a new circuit board.

important fire safety links


Escape grid

Your ability to get out depends on advance warning from smoke alarms and advance planning.

In 2012, there were an estimated 365,000 reported home structure fires and 2,380 associated civilian deaths in the United States.

Fire can spread rapidly through your home, leaving you as little as two minutes to escape safely once the alarm sounds. Pull together everyone in your household and make a plan. Walk through your home and inspect all possible exits and escape routes.  Households with children should consider drawing a floor plan of your home, marking two ways out of each room, including windows and doors.

Safety Tip

 Read all of NFPA's escape planning tips and download our free safety tip sheet.

For easy planning, download NFPA's
 escape planning grid

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Candle with Care
   Clothes Dryer Fire Safety 
   Fire Extinguisher
   Emergency Lighting
   Fire Watch


   New York State Codes Division

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The Town of Brighton - Office of the Fire Marshal should not be confused with the primary fire suppression and first response emergency medical operations provided by the Brighton Fire District or the City of Rochester Fire Department within the Town of Brighton.

The Office of the Fire Marshal should not be confused with the 
primary fire suppression and first response emergency medical operations provided by the 
Brighton Fire District or the City of Rochester Fire Department within the Town of Brighton

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Fire Marshal Patch.JPG

Fire Marshal Patch.JPG



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